Staying in Savannah

Savannah is filled with stunning historic properties, and the neighborhoods in downtown Savannah are truly why it’s been called the “Jewel of the South”. Guests are encouraged to explore the city on an architecture tour or for the brave, a ghost tour.

Around Savannah

There are many wonderful hotels surrounding downtown Savannah, and just a short drive from the airport and to the ceremony or reception site. They’re also significantly less expensive than staying in the historic district! Here are just a few:

Downtown Savannah

When staying in Savannah, you have many options, from the cozy to the classic. If you want to be where the action is, here are just a few hotels right in Historic Downtown Savannah to choose from!

Inns / B&Bs

Savannah’s inns are second to none, boasting tea times and high ceiling suites with historic flair. A few amazing (and possibly haunted!) options:

Ballastone Inn


Even traditional hotels in Savannah are unique and historic. There’s plenty of room at each hotel in the area, including these great choices:



Another excellent option to consider is finding a room for rent on Airbnb. Savannah’s page offers many unique places to stay with a delightful local touch.

No matter your choice, we hope your stay in Savannah is memorable and beautiful. We love this city and are so excited to share it with you!