Our Story

Lisa and Jon met years before they realized it was all meant to be. Lisa was heading up a software company that helped bring her down to Nashville, and Jon worked for an agency that Lisa hired to develop a new marketing website and new extension of the product.

They worked perfectly together then. And even though Jon openly talked about being in MENSA, Lisa wasn’t scared to challenge his logic and rationale then when it came to technology, something that made her stand out in his eyes.

About three years later, Lisa and Jon connected again. Quick messages asking about how they’ve been turned into three to four hour calls each night, which then quickly turned into Jon taking Lisa on what she has deemed as “the best first date of her life.” (Ask her, she really said that.)

They started off at Treehouse Restaurant (the same restaurant that Jon held Lisa’s surprise 29th birthday party he planned with her friend, Colette Bosque, and had her friend, Jessica Miller, fly in from New York for!). From there, they walked around East Nashville’s Five Points. At that point, Lisa mentioned she loved skyline views and Jon knew just the thing to impress her. He grabbed her hand and took her over to his office in Germantown at the time. They climbed up onto the roof with a bottle of wine in hand, and there it was, the best view of Nashville’s skyline she had ever seen.

I guess you can say the rest is history.

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